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about us

Begun by Steve Connell in October, 2014, RCLPCTheater(we call it "RiCkLe PiCk Theater") is an inclusive, professional not-for-profit, non-Equity theatrical production company based in Crystal Lake, IL whose staff and performers form the
Right-Center-Left Players Co-op.
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VISION: To entertain and enlighten local audiences while offering artists a collaborative venue for individual growth.

VALUES: RCLPC Theater is committed to:
​ 1) cooperative partnerships that reflect the diversity of our community, audience and artists. 2) integrity and professionalism in delivering a quality theatrical experience. 3) enhancing awareness of and financially supporting the mission and outreach of the Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church.

Through its Co-Op, actors, crew and staff are paid on a point system, which depends on the volume of ticket sales:  more tickets sold = more pay!

  • CO-OP:|'kowˌóp|A jointly owned commercial enterprise usually organized by farmers or consumers (or ACTORS) that produces and distributes goods and services (or PERFORMANCES) and is run for the benefit of its owners (and AUDIENCES!)

Performances are presented in the Fellowship Hall ("RiCkLe PiCk Hall") of the Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church.  All dinner proceeds benefit the church's various mission programs (charities).