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Don't Drink The Water

Character Breakdown for the 2020 season

  • Vladimir -  One of the two main characters of the play. Estragon calls him Didi, and the boy addresses him as Mr. Albert. He seems to be the more responsible and mature of the two main characters.

  • Estragon -  The second of the two main characters. Vladimir calls him Gogo. He seems weak and helpless, always looking for Vladimir's protection. He also has a poor memory, as Vladimir has to remind him in the second act of the events that happened the previous night.

  • Pozzo -  He passes by the spot where Vladimir and Estragon are waiting and provides a diversion. In the second act, he is blind and does not remember meeting Vladimir and Estragon the night before.

  • Lucky -  Pozzo's slave, who carries Pozzo's bags and stool. In Act I, he entertains by dancing and thinking. However, in Act II, he is dumb.

  • Boy -  He appears at the end of each act to inform Vladimir that Godot will not be coming that night. In the second act, he insists that he was not there the previous night.

Waiting for Godot

  • Axel Magee - An American foreign diplomat who only went into the business due to his father rather then his actual talent in art. He has a tendency to ramble, especially when nervous. He falls in love with Susan during the play.

  • Walter Hollander - A caterer from Newark, New Jersey. He is married to Marion and is the father of Susan and Seth. He causes his family to become trapped in the American embassy after he takes pictures of a high security area. He is very loud and abrasive but he can be kind when he wants to be.

  • Marion Hollander - Walter's homemaker wife and the mother of Susan and Seth, she too is somewhat inappropriate but she's much kinder then Walter.

  • Susan Hollander - Walter and Marion's beautiful daughter who falls in love with Axel.

  • Father Drobney - A priest hiding out in the embassy for 6 years with a love of magic tricks. He is the narrator of the play.

  • Kilroy - Ambassador Magee's stuck-up assistant who is much more competent at his job then Axel (could be female).

  • Krojack - The head of the Communist police who traps the Hollanders in the embassy.

  • Burns - An assistant working at the embassy (could be female).

  • Ambassador Magee - Axel's father who is the ambassador of the unnamed country and the head of the embassy.

  • Chef - The embassy's chef, who consistently butts heads with Walter (could be female)

  • Sultan of Bashir- Rich Middle-Eastern ruler who visits the Embassy with his wife

  • Sultan’s wife- Young, pretty wife of the Sultan of Bashir

  • Kasnar- Guest at the Embassy

  • Countess Bordoni- Wealthy guest of the Embassy

  • Ensemble- Krojack’s thugs, sous chef, party guests etc.